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Diet, Nutrition, and Weight "You are what you [quantify you] eat" QS Global Conference 2013 This forum is for us to start threads directly related to the upcoming Quantified Self Global Conference. I'm Gary Wolf, I'll be hosting the conference and moderating the plenaries and show&tell sessions. It's a pretty busy time for us at QS Labs, so my comments here may be brief, but I'm reading everything and will try to respond when helpful. Learning & Cognition Discuss learning, memory, attention etc. Habit Change Breaking bad habits and forming new ones QS Toolmaker Newsletter Access the current and past issues of the QS Toolmaker Newsletter. Mood Mood tracking ideas, experiments, tools, and advice. Sports, Physical Activity, and Fitness Working out, getting in shape, and training for specific sports 2014 QS Europe Conference A place to continue the discussion on topics from the 2014 QS Europe Conference. QS Open Forum For all Quantified Self topic not covered in other forums. Sleep Discuss ways to track or improve sleep Press coverage QS coverage in the press QS newcomers Introduce yourself and/or ask beginner questions Jobs & Startups Discuss business models, startup tips, resource sharing etc. Data Ownership & Privacy Legal, philosophical, and practical topics QS18 Portland This category is related to the 2018 Quantified Self conference occurring in Portland, OR on September 22nd & 23rd. For more information, visit qs18.quantifiedself.com QuantifiedSelf.com We're experimenting with taking comments off the main website and hosting discussions on blog posts and articles here on the forum. Self Experimentation Discuss your self-experiments, ask & give advice. Data Formats, Export and APIs Help with understanding data and export from common QS systems. Design Discuss data visualization and other QS design issues QS Blog This category is the place to discuss posts on the QS Blog (https://quantifiedself.com/blog/). Threads will be automatically created when posts are published. QS17 Amsterdam! Watch for upcoming announcement of QS17 in Amsterdam.This category will be for all QS17 related topics. Plan travel.Find lodging and/or roommates.Discuss program ideas.Ask questions to the organizers.Etc. Etc. Research & Media Post, discuss QS related articles in popular & academic publications Project Logs We've set up this category so anybody can create a public log for their QS projects. Your log can be used any way you like; just remember that it is public. Apps & Tools Open discussion of Apps and Tools, including data access questions. Feel free start a new topic if you don't see a recent discussion of your issue. General Health Discuss self-tracking and health in general. Off-topic
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