101 Guide to Experimentation and Self Quantification

Hello everyone,

Came to know about this wonderful community not too long ago.

Do you have any suggestions on:
[]How to Start Experimentation
]Basics of Self Experimentation
[*]Resources/Articles for Beginners

Any help will be much helpful.

Thank you,
Sgt Peppers.

I have been browsing quantified self and other websites and have found some articles. I will use this space to list them
[]How to Experiment - Guidelines
]Value of Self Experimentation - Four Hour Work Week

Thanks for posting the community!

We are currently working on ways to better communicate the community how to get started with integrating quantified self in your life. Do you mind elaborating on your three points?
[]What kind of experimentation interests you?
]What is your current experience with experimentation and the scientific method?
[*]Have you looked at quantifiedself.com and oriented yourself with the various videos and articles? If yes, what could we do to make that experience better?


I have been browsing QS for last few weeks, but haven’t gone through all the articles. Tried searching for “Basics of experimentation” but haven’t found anything relevant yet.

Currently I am looking for starting to lose weight and gain muscle mass, so would like to start that. Another one would be understanding allergies and migraine. Have no experience with experimentation other than reading articles and watching videos on QS (like the one you did :wink: )

Thank you…

Modified original post and added some articles.

Thanks for posting those article. What did you like/not like? Find useful?

Your feedback is really appreciated!

Another one on Cure Together… http://curetogether.com/blog/2010/03/12/how-to-run-a-successful-self-experiment/