A study on general health behavior

We are working on a project that aims to help people while adapting a healthier life style. We developed a questionnaire in order to get more precise data about the individuals’ behaviors. This questionnaire was prepared within the scope of “Health Assistant” project that is conducted by Jochen Meyer and Elif Cakir Turgut at OFFIS(http://www.offis.de/). The aim of the questionnaire is collect data about the attitudes of individuals toward wellness related applications.

Wellness related applications are the web based or mobile applications that aim to help individuals to track or manage their health and eventually promote wellness.

Within this study data is collected and stored on electronic media. The results will be used for scientific publications. The secrecy is maintained. All information that we collect in our surveys will be kept confidential and used only by employees of our research team as part of the ongoing study. The transfer, storage and analysis of this study-related data are based on statutory provisions without attribution and only for scientific evaluation. Your anonymity is guaranteed by their names not be associated with the measured data.

We would appreciate if you spare 10 minutes and participate to the study. Thank you very much. For further questions, you may send email to : Carolina_Morana@gmx.de

http://www.surveypie.com/survey100716 (In English)
http://www.surveypie.com/survey100719 (In German)

Hi Elif - I took the survey. My prediction, though, is that not many others will take for these reasons:

  1. The purpose of the survey is not clear.
  2. The owners of the survey are not known.
  3. The survey is quite long. (10 minutes to fill out)
  4. The questions are very personal.
  5. There is no real benefit/knowledge for us in taking the survey.

I support your effort to learn more, but I recommend using a more transparent and engaged process to collect information.


Dear Gary,

Thank you very much for your comment. I tried to include more information about the study and the owners. Unfortunately, we have quite much and personal questions but we would like to really know what others do for tracking their health life and how they do. We also did some diary studies and group discussions however we are also looking for some general data about the app user. Posting an online questionnaire provides anonymity and more or less privacy for the participants. We also would like to learn about the attitude of people from different location. In this case I guess questionnaire is quite feasible to apply.

Nevertheless, I would appreciate if you and other members share your further recommendations. I think this turned out to be a good opportunity for me and the team to get some feedback.

Best regards,