Advice for a new user

I was wondering whether anyone can offer me advice on whether I am heading in the right path. I am just starting to self-track and want to know what are some good things to track. My plans are here:

I’d have thought the first question would be “what do I wish to know about myself that can be helped by self-tracking?”

Second would be: what can I track that I think is connected to that?

In my case, I wish to enhance my health; so I track health measures - blood pressure, biochemical markers, body composition - and things that I think will correlate with those - exercise, nutrition, supplements.

Others I know are concerned with their happiness and look at their sleep patterns.

I don’t know. If you start with a question, you can limit yourself to that question. On the other hand, if you start with observing yourself, you might find a question you hadn’t thought to ask.

That said, I would argue against trying to track EVERYTHING all at THE SAME TIME. That is the path to crash and burnout. Start with one thing. Track that. See how it goes. Add something. See how that goes. Rinse and repeat.

I agree with the first part of this answer. You canand do limit yourself by what you ask. And I also agree that trying to track everything is the road to burnout. I would also say start with one thing, choose something that you want to improve upon and track that. However science tells us that we see what we choose to see. Thus you can in addition to tracking set out a mental prescription for yourself with declarations to the universe of what you desire and state them as having already been accomplished. You will be surprised how much you can affect the body. I had several times had cancer and I have used mental prescriptions alone, having first understood what cancer is about (see my blog for this info) and I have had 100% successful results.

Declare, track and realize your result. Never “see how it goes” because that puts it back to a probability function of all possible outcomes and that is not what you want. Even worse than that when you uphold ideas of “let’s see” ie probable outcomes, then others can have an effect and while some may be benign and aid you to improve others might be harmful out of jealousy etc.

Thank you all for your responses! I decided to start by tracking one thing and slowly adding other variables. It has been very enlightening and I have begun to ask questions which I hope to answer by changing things and then tracking any differences. Thanks again!