Analysis tools

I’ve been trying to find good analysis tools for analyzing QS data. Since it looks like most of the existing topics are several years old at this point, it’s probably a good time to ask again: What are the best analysis tools out there?

Are you looking for instant noodles, or for cookbooks? :slight_smile:

Either one is fine; though I’d prefer prebuilt tools over something I’d have to write myself.

Tools that let you do your own analysis, or tools that provide pre-canned “actionable insights”.

Yes, again, either is fine. I’m not looking for a particular solution, but rather I want to start compiling a list of tools as a reference for the community.

Here’s a few that I’ve noticed around the web:

  • Your very own Zenobase. It provides data import from a number of different sources and some analysis capabilities, including linear lines of best fit and basic correlation detection with confidence intervals.
  • StatWing, an online statistics tool. It’s currently in closed pre-release so I can’t really speak to its features; older reviews seem to indicate it will do two-variable correlation analyses and give general statistics on your dataset.
  • Wizard, an OSX-only stats app. It’s more expensive than the other options ($79) but provides multivariate modeling and more options for statistical testing along with a prediction feature which uses the generated models.

Here are some more services that integrate with QS data sources:

There are many general-purpose data analysis tools, but most have a steep learning curve. Tableau Public is a useful data visualization tool that can be used without having to invest too much time.

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