Ancestral Health Symposium Next Week at UC Berkeley!

Hi, everyone. I’m very happy to let everyone know that this year’s Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS14) is taking place at UC Berkeley! This conference is filled with speakers and attendees who know and respect ancestral health. The conference is put on by the Ancestry Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to improving human health by researching the health of our ancestors.

AHS14 is a great chance to mingle with the leading figures in the movement, learn from their talks, and get to know in person friends you’ve made online. First and foremost, AHS is a social gathering – a fun, friendly meetup with an academic feel.

The talks are always interesting. This year’s program includes movement sessions by the likes of Darryl Edwards and the topics of talks by Denise Minger, Chris Masterjohn, Stephan Guyenet, Cate Shanahan, Aaron Blaisdell, Richard Feinman, Lynda Frassetto, J. Stanton, Josh Turknett, Todd Becker, James Steele, Esther Gokhale, Skyler Tanner, and other great speakers, go here.

Some highlights from the AHS14 lineup:

Jill Escher MA JD on epigenetic effects of food, chemicals and drugs on future generations.
Paul Jaminet on weight loss.
Barbara Natterson-Horowitz MD discusses what animals and veterinarians can teach us about human health.
Terry Wahls MD on why it’s so tough to make our diets nutritious.
Dan Pardi on uniting Quantified Self to Ancestral Health.
Sarah Ballantyne PhD will talk about autoimmunity and Stacy Toth will explain how to modify ancestral diets for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis issues.
Keith Norris details how the training of in-mission astronauts can benefit the rest of us.
Kelly Brogan MD shares an ancestral perspective on mood and anxiety in the perinatal patient.
Grace Liu PharmD suggests ways to rewild and revitalize the ancestral, soil-connected gut.

There will be a Seth Roberts tribute after the Symposium, on Sunday August 10, with talks by Nassim Taleb, Tucker Max, Tim Ferriss, Gary Taubes, and John Durant.

Registration for AHS costs $189 for students and $279 for non-students. You can register here. You can learn more about travel, food, and lodging here.

To see the full AHS14 program please click here. (

I’m volunteering to help spread the word and I’ll be attending. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.