Announcing the June Health Hack

Hi folks!

The Innovation Learning Network sent in this announcement to pass along to the QS community:

We are looking for participants to evaluate an open mobile data architecture, test mobile sensors, and help health care providers better understand the Quantified Self movement.
Our ideal participant will commit to the following:

Collect and Share Your Data: May 1st to June 15th:
Self-trackers will use their favorite activity monitor, sensor, manual device, etc. and share the data through the open source Ohmage platform( from Open mHealth. You can use your FitBit, BodyMedia, NikeFuel, GreenGoose, AnyData, Ginger.IO or any consumer or commercial activity monitor/sensor with an API that fits within the Ohmage framework.

Participate in Digital Prototyping: June 15th to June 17th
Designers, developers and artists will explore the data collected above to imagine how their skills might make the data more useful in a health care setting.
The Ohmage API is available to all and we will provide you with specifics on where to put the data you collect after you register.
The “winners” of the hackathon will be invited to present at the June 28th Mobile Data Roundup event at Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Health Care Innovation Center.

For more information on the Innovation Learning Network, see this PDF.

If you’re interested in learning more please email