Anyone know of any great N=1 clinical studies for pedometers?

We are looking for examples of peer-reviewed statistical approaches for determining whether our pedometer is making a difference to our weight, resting heart rate, or any other health parameter.

Typically the design of these clinical studies takes an ABBA format to create washout periods.

Has anyone encountered any great N=1 clinical study for evaluating any wearable out there?

No, but we could do such a study at the University of Marburg, Germany

What do you mean that the University of Marburg could do such a study? Do you mean that Marburg specializes in N=1 trials (similar to the Tanner Project at the Scripps Institute in California)?

Perhaps some of these studies that @ernesto / Fitabase has compiled may help?

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Thanks for the link. We did try reviewing these previously but never found N=1 studies, just N of many studies.