Anything for measuring stress?

Been wondering - do you use a wearable or an app that tracks your stress level? Do you think that stress is quantifiable (something like universal stress level)?

I’ve done some reading in this area and found that for what I as most interested in tracking, negative stress, some active entry was needed. However, active tracking can be quantitative. For instance, when measuring negative things I’m concerned about, I find it useful to use a binary measure: is the phenomenon strongly present? Since for topics like anger, craving, or stress the strong incidents are much more distressing than the mild incidents, I prefer not to trouble myself with ambiguous occurrences and just focus on learning about the unambiguous ones.

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Android and iPhone Mobile Apps for Psychosocial Wellness and Stress Management:Systematic Search in App Stores and Literature Review
List of apps with peer reviewed articles.
Headspace is the clear winner.

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I think tracking other markers of stress might offer some value, eg. days per week where you engaged some stress related self care.