App from ipod/iphone to macbook-no cloud

Will QS Access or another app allow me to save my personal fitness data on my Mac/PC without first saving the information on the cloud? For example save healthkit data directly to my macbook without first saving or processing the data online.

Thank you!!!


I am new here and this is my first forum reply! I have downloaded iExplorer from Macroplant to my Mac, it lets me access the data in my apps on my phone when I plug my phone into my Mac. The only one I can’t get the data from is the iOS health app that comes pre installed, because its data is in the root folder and I’d have to jail break the phone to access it. All other apps that I’ve installed on the phone, I can access the data from. I’m not affiliated with iExplorer in any way, I bought the $35 version in order to get better access to the data on my phone. First, I made the mistake of downloading the iExplorer app onto my phone and although it’s free it didn’t do what I was after. Instead open the iexplorer site on your Mac to download the program.

Hope this helps!