App or software to track mood/cognition and related factors

Is there an app or software that allows you to track and map longitudinal nuanced data for cognition and mood? Would prefer to use more nuanced scales than are typically available. Would even want to possibly use several short validate scales. I thought of using google forms but it doesn’t have an easy analytics. Would also like the ability for this software to track or integrate sleep data with this.

Are there any opinions on the readiness variable that omega wave and oura ring calculate? Or similar products that integrate the data to provide overall assessments.

Quantified Mind has been used quite a bit by self-researchers here:

This is excellent, thank you! Working on the bare minimum of efficient assessment to avoid self research overtaking life :slight_smile:

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I’m using PANAS for tracking my mood. Explained in details here
For about a year of tracking i find it have acceptable accuracy - enough to reveal connection between physical activity and positive/negative emotions scores.

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Anyone have suggestions on validated scales/tools to be used/adapted to measure anxiety/executive function/mood changes? Trying to streamline assessment. Not great at always thinking comprehensively and consistently about how I’m doing (my mind is like etch a sketch :(). Many of the validated scales are pay for access. Would welcome perspective.

I think coefficient of variation for PANAS positive and negative affect is a proxy for mood changes.

There are few tools. I’m using GAD-7 and CES-D on a weekly basis. I’ve also used PHQ-9 but it have large correlation with CESD and i’ve decided to use only CESD.

Which questions are you trying to answer with these scales?