App to Strengthen WILLPOWER

Hi fellow QSers!

I study applied cognitive psychology and specialise in successful habit change.

Successful habit change and sticking to any exercise/diet/financial regime requires WILLPOWER (the good old fashioned word for self-control/self-discipline).

Psychology research suggests willpower can be strengthened through practice- like a muscle.

As a research project for my master’s degree I have designed a “willpower workout” web-app to strengthen willpower over the course of 2 weeks.

You decide when to use the app, it fits into your working day, no need to come to a lab or take time out from your schedule.

I am searching for eager participants up for the willpower workout challenge!


Please email if you are interested in participating.[/font][/size]

Interesting experiment! (I also believe in the Marshmallow test which I have “experimented” 3 times on my 2.5y boy :wink: ( )
Also fyi since you are intested in “habit change”, Buster Benson just posted it today:

Some of your questions in your survey are hard to answer:
“please indicate for each of the following statements to what degree they presently correspond to one of
the reasons for which you are doing your current occupation:”

I have four different things that could all qualify as being my “current occupation”. Every choice will lead to different answers.

That’s really interesting feedback, thank you Christian. Instead of putting of current occupation I should have been more clear and put “main occupation, which you spend most of your time doing”. Would that have helped? Four different things is very impressive indeed! I feel bad if you got half way through the survey and had to quit through my fault. If you would still like the willpower strengthening app and instructions, please drop me an email on, no need to complete another survey.