Apple Watch Data and Excel or Numbers

I apologize up front if this has been answered.

I have an apple watch and have downloaded 6 months of data with the QS app from my Iphone. I am looking for a simple way to build excel charts to look at the data. I thought this would be simple but clearly the amount of data is huge and excel or apple numbers is not cutting it. Is there a method of looking at resting heart rate tracking and comparing day to day, and variation of resting rate over time? Are there templates someone has created in excel to help?



Here’s one option:

If you’re primarily interested in tracking resting heart rate over time from your Apple Watch, our app (Cardiogram) does this (and also lets you tag spikes in your heart rate, track workouts, etc):

It also shows you how your resting heart rate compares to the average runner, biker, or couch potato.

We’d actually love feedback from the Quantified Self community here–I think what people are doing here really is the template for the future.