Application to Track Time on Computer?

Hi everyone,

For about a year, I have been tracking the time I spend using my cell phone using the moment app ( I only care about total time spent using the phone and number of pickups at the moment and at regular intervals, I copy that data into an excel file where I track moving averages and set myself targets. This works super well for me.

I would like to extend this and also start tracking my time on the computer. Again, I would only like to have ‘total time on computer’ for each day and potentially ‘number of times opened’. Does anybody know a good tool for this? (Rescue Time has been brought up, but I’m not a big fan of this. The user interface feels way too clunky/cluttered to me, I don’t like having to access a web dashboard to see the data and I don’t trust the measurements themselves.)

I have used RescueTime for this in the past, but it’s not ideal as it doesn’t track unlocks and session durations, just how much time you spend within a given period of time (which can be as little as 5min), and can’t distinguish different devices (other than desktop vs mobile). Also it feels like overkill. But you can export your data and they have an API… Why do you not trust their measurements?

When you say you copy data from Moment into Excel, does that mean the app has a spreadsheet export function?

If anyone finds a service for tracking “computer sessions” (and that also works on Android), I’d be interested, too…