Are you using your data to write a reference book or tell a story?

Please read the link. This article got me thinking. I’m curious, is there an initiative to compile QUERIES that we can (attempt to) answer with the personal data we’re collecting? Would love to see such a forum thread and collaborative google spreadsheet!

I’d like to start from scratch, collecting people’s questions personally. What are some questions of yours?

Some of mine, then:

  • Is there a difference in my productivity in weeks where I have bigger, vs smaller sleep variation? For example do weekend long-sleeps disrupt my productivity? (Follow-up question: what are some good metrics for “productivity”?)
  • How do my volumes and patterns of movement/exercise and sleep compare to other males aged 34? (Yes, this COULD be a precursor to an aggregated “quantified us” data exhaust…)
  • How is weather (and air quality, amount of sunlight, etc) correlated to mood, to me vs other people in similar environments?

Did you perhaps start compiling the queries mentioned?

How would you quantify movement/exercise patterns (for comparing with other males aged 34)? An activity measurement device?