Automatic Time Tracking Software – Request for beta testers

Aware is an automatic time tracking software for Windows and OS X. Aware securely and privately tracks and categorizes all activity. It provides real time feedback, detects long term patterns and suggests data based improvements.

This is a very early beta and the participants will have significant opportunity to guide the finished product. The beta is expected to last around 6 months ending in December 2014. We hope our beta testers will be able to spend 30 to 90 minutes a month via email, Skype or phone (depending on your preference) guiding the development of Aware.

Apart from our gratitude all accepted participants will receive a free license at launch and can rest assured that that they are helping the world become a more productive place.

Aware is most suited to people who spend a significant portion of their work day using their PC. We are looking for a diverse set of users with differing needs and working styles. We would like to limit the program to about 5 new users a week to be able to act on the provided feedback and provide exceptional individual support.

To request a beta invite send me an email with a few sentences describing your typical work day and are and what platform you would be interested in helping with.

More details about Aware are available at

Sheetal Sekhri
Buckling Springs Studios.