Beddit to get HRV at rest

Hi All,

I’ve been experimenting with Beddit having transitioned from Sleep Cycle. I started exercising more (like a ton more) and I’m wanting to see what my HRV is without having to remember to put on a chest strap right when I wake up. I figured that I’m tracking my heart rate all night long with Beddit, so there should be some way to get that data into Sweetbeat and get an HRV score so I know how hard I can train.

Does anyone know how to do this? I’d love to have a score texted or emailed to me every morning after waking up. And of course I’d like to track this over time.

P.S. For you sleep hackers, it’s been awesome having a sleep sensor that isn’t actually my phone. I tend to hit the snooze button and sleep in for another 5-30min when my phone is in reach. Now I can put my phone across the room and no longer have any snoozing problems.

The Beddit doesn’t appear to record RR intervals, only averaged (?) HR every 5min. Probably not accurate enough for HRV, anyway.

Many thanks, that’s good to know!

I have been using Beddit, B1 and Peak (concomitantly) for a while and all 3 give HR values for my sleep.

Beddit is by far the most crappy, with a value every few minutes at best, but regularly with data missing for part of the night (while sleep data are still recorded).
B1 and Peak give me a data point every 1 minute and have few gaps, but that depends almost entirely on how tight I strap them on.

When comparing the data from all 3 devices my resting HR is very close (usually between 43 and 46). Beddit doesn’t give me any good data on how that’s changing through the night.
But B1 and Peak provide very refined data, where I can clearly see short HR increases, on both devices at the same time. Unfortunately the values can be VERY different between both (going to 60 on one and 130 on the other).

So in short Beddit will do the rough job, with values similar to other devices, but might failed on some nights.