(brainstorm) Music Self Quantified

Hi there,

Let me start with saying how amazing this community of QSers is, I am extremely inspired by what you guys do.

I am a musician working in advertising and I am considering to send an application for a new opportunity from Open Data Institute

The concept is to present the Open Data in an artistic way and create work for 10-12 months.

I would love to get your take on this. Do you see any representations of your research that could translate into musical ideas?



Hi Marcin you get the prize for novel approach! Can a person’s health history be set to music? Programmatically? If you could do that I could use that kind of technology.

Short of that and perhaps more of a baby step would be sound effects that might appear upon events as a person enters QS data into some system. SOme such effects could je a few notes as we hear with Windows computers boot up or when a T-Mobile phone shuts down.

What other ideas do you have?

Thanks for the reply Dave

I like the idea of the entry and sound effects. That could be an interesting experiment.

I am considering a few ideas:

  • how LastFM tracks/ genres correlate with productivity (rescuetime) -> create music for productivity based on the research
  • how lastfm tracks/ genres correlate with your workouts (nike, strava)
  • attention time - how long can we focus on music nowadays? correlating the focus power (meditation etc.) and music

and few others im working on :slight_smile:


I like the idea of combining your lastFM tracks with what you did while listening…
Theoretically, if someone uses a tracker for runs or even throughout the day, and scrobbles the music via lastFM…if you can export the lastFM data usefully, it should be matchable with the tracked data (e.g. steps, heart rate,…).

How would you measure “attention time” while listening? I find it difficult to think of a way to measure how long I focus on a song…unless with questions about the song afterwards. Is that what you have in mind? That might be interesting for the radio stations, or rather for the artist wanting to be on radio stations. :wink: