Building a Dashboard from Scratch: Metrics, Devices & Tools

Hi Guys,

I have used tracking devices on and off for years, primarily for steps, sleep and less frequently BP and HR. I love data in general and have enjoyed the process whenever i have been consistent with tracking but back in the day, the devices were just not very accurate and I see the industry has come long way and am looking back to building a more thorough system.

I was wondering, if there is a systematic course/training out there that covers the fundamentals of building your system from scratch including:

  • Which key metrics to track.
  • Best devices to get to track those metrics.
  • Best dashboard out there (or at least a comparison of the dashboards so you can choose which works best for your goals).

I am finding there are so many gadgets, so many options and it’s pretty overwhelming, so wondering, if there is a more organized way to go through Journey. For starters, I have ordered an Oura ring which is on its way. On a different note, I would love your answers on:

  • Whar are the most critical metrics you track and which device you use to track those metrics?
  • What is your favourite dashboard tool and why?

My main goal is to be able to track my health & lifestyle and get alerted when I am starting to go off track, i.e. quickly become aware of patterns. I would also love to establish better links between quantitative metrics (HR, BP, etc.) and Non quantitative data points (Feeling, emotions, etc.).



Hey @consultant2b I built my own system that connects all my health data and combines quantitative with qualitative. Happy to walk you through it and hear what else you might find useful?

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Hi Jurgen, I’d like to see how you do this; also, we have a weekly “self-research” chat meeting (kind of like a lab meeting for self-researchers) that usually has 6-10 pretty experienced self-trackers every week sharing their projects.

It’s every Thursday at 10:00 Pacific Time (US), 13:00 pm Eastern Time (US), and 19:00 pm CET. You can find the details on how to join us and an agenda at this link: weekly self-research meeting.

Hi Jurgen,

Apologies for the late reply. That sounds great and I will love that. I will DM you.

Hi Gary,

This looks interesting. Is this open to all or invite-only?


Wow Jurgen! Im very interested as to what you actually created!

This is open to all, you are welcome to join.

I am a Developer, and work with various programming languages in my day-to-day life. It would be interesting to understand what tools you used to create your system. Is it possible for you to describe how your interfaces are designed? This area of thought and practice is a growing passion of mine.

Thank you for your time.