Can someone help me port my app to iOS?

I am still trying to get some glitches out of my android version, but iOS programming seems way beyond me… I would really like to port my app over to iOS to see if I could persuade some of my overweight/obese friends and relatives to try it out. Don’t really have any money to invest in this and would prefer if it was offered as a free app.

I have had pretty good luck with it in the past two years I have developed it (i.e. learned to program a little again after being away from it for 20 years)

As a typical aspiring diet guru, here are my before- and after- shots:

I think I discovered how to get around some glitches I had with calorie counting:

  1. I definitely had the wrong info as to what my BMR was likely to be. A lot of calculators said that as a 48 year old 5’9" 200 lb male I should consume 2000+ calories. 1800 is a more realistic BMR for me, but to lose about 0.5 per week I decided to eat 1800 calories and burn 500 calories a day. For a long time I set my calorie goal at 1600 and 1700 and didn’t adjust it lower as I lost weight. Also I was only burning an average of 300 calories per day… 500 is better.
  2. eating low glycemic index foods does help a lot but I still try to eat things like red delicious apples (seems to help my inflammation), baby carrots, an occasional banana, berries and other high potassium, high antioxidant foods.
  3. discovering food allergies can be tricky… with tracking I have become more sensitive to my body’s reactions to foods such as stuffed sinuses, unusual arthritis flareups, anxiety and depression… Elimination diets do seem to help
  4. some consistent weight training is really great… I really can’t afford a gym membership but have some simple portable equipement at home
  5. as you feel better you will quite likely take on more responsibilities so things will get a bit more stressful which can set you back if you use food (or alcohol) to cope.
  6. calorie counting is just about as much a qualitative process as a quantitative one yet a very good mind hack: