CardioChek Seeking Worthy Home

Hi, we still have a few CardioChek Plus devices on hand from the QS Bloodtesters project we did in 2017. They aren’t doing anybody any good sitting in my office. If you want one for a self-tracking project, send me a note at


  • Forum member +30 days.
  • Willing to post about what you intend to explore using the device and what you learn from using it.
  • Willing to pay postage using a Fedex#, USPS click+ship, or Venmo.

Hope these go to good use!



One taker so far! Come on people, have you no interest in cholesterol?

Hi, I would be interested, but I am based in Europe. If that is not a problem I would be willing to pay the postage. Would it also come with some test strips?

Regarding the use case. Since the beginning of this year I’ve been developing a comprehensive tracking system, and an accompanying analysis app. Currently I track around 200 variables daily, including the
measures provided by Fitbit, Withings scale and BPM+, HRV and exercise via Polar H10, glucose, monthly blood panels. I track supplement usage, basic nutritional info, and a bunch of self-reported variables such as mood, habits etc. I intend to expand this list further, mostly depending on availability of funds required for additional devices/tests.

I am investing effort into automating the system as much as possible, with automatic export from all the devices into the central database and various mechanisms to minimize the time needed to track the self-reported variables. Currently it takes me about 10 min per day to collect all the data, which is manageable and I formed a stable habit of doing it.

On top of this, I am developing a web-app based platform for bulk analysis of the data, with the focus on automating the analysis across all the variable pairs, to facilitate automated pattern detecti. I am well aware of the challenges the combinatorial explosion of tested conditions pose for the statistical detection of real effects. My intention is to use this bulk tracking/analysis approach to screen for potential interesting candidate relationships, and later perform additional
targeted self-experiments to confirm their statistical significance. Furthermore, the hope is that long term tracking of this extensive set of variables will also allow me to evaluate the efficacy of interventions that I will perform in the future.

The overall focus of these efforts is longevity, but any insights that can lead to improvements of wellbeing will not be sneered at either.

With respect to the CardioProtect, it would allow me to extend the set of tracked variables, and consequently cross-correlate the cholesterol levels to the other variables I track.
I would be happy to report on any interesting relationships found. The lipid profile being an important indicator of metabolic makeup would be a welcomed addition given my
longevity focus.

Hi Laza, will you send me the shipping address by email: