Central Place to record everything

Hi guys. Newcomer here. Do any of you know of a CMS or something similar for keeping a record of all of your Quantified Self stuff.

So tracking petrol usage; steps; food eaten; music listened to, all in one place?

Thanks in advance,

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There’s no system that is good at capturing and storing such a wide variety of data.

What’s important is that you have access to all your data and can analyze it in one place.

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Just FYI, I wanted the exact same thing, and want to use all my technologies (iPhone, Android tablet, weather station, wireless scale, Mac and Windows computers) to gather it. So I’m writing a “One-ring” store-anything from-anywhere Personal Cloud System so I can collect any data I want from any device I own, or cloud service that I’m forced to access to get MY data, and be able to analyze that data in any manners that I want with tools that I own.

Note the letter “I” in all that prior exposition … the entire point of what I’m creating is the opposite of “in-the-cloud services” that I have to pay monthly for … the solution is my data stored on my devices using my analysis benefiting me, not some giant cloud aggregator.

I’ve got a prototype up and running now integrating QS data from some iOS apps that I use for running/biking (via Apple’s Healthkit), and some Android Apps that I use for diet tracking, plus some manual data entry via a general purpose Android App. The collected data is available to my PC or Mac for analysis (which I use Excel). Its been a pain writing essentially the exact same Apps on both iOS and Android.

I do plan on putting all that software and technical information online in Github, open-source and free open-licensed for personal use. But I’m several months from getting to that point where I move from prototype code to reasonably reliable code and therefore am ready to make it public.

This Personal QS Cloud will always be a “hobbyist” type of solution; those that want to implement it will likely have to help writing some software and help testing interfacing it to new Apps and trackers. I only own a few particular trackers and only use a few of the 100,000s of apps that collect QS data. So interfacing to other trackers and Apps will require others that own those trackers or use those other Apps can help write software for the “collective whole”