Collecting GPS data online

Hi folks,

I’ve started using a GPS tracker (Columbus V-900) for tracking my daily position. I just switch it on in the morning, carry it with me throughout the day, and switch it off and reload in the evening. Works quite nice. However, I was surprised that there is no obvious online portal for storing my tracked data.

Clearly there are lots of GPS tracking portals, but most of them actually focus on outdoor, hiking, cycling etc. They use the notion of “tracks”, which usually are named and often shared with others.

What I’m rather looking for is a portal where I just “drop in” my tracks, and they are simply stored there, sorted by day, easy to retrieve (also when it’s going to be hundreds of tracks), possibly just joined together for a collection of time-stamped geo-locations.

Actually something like Google Latitude would be great. I only should work with uploaded tracks in some given format.

Any hints or suggestions?


You may have a look at Google Earth, the desktop edition. I know you can upload your tracks for sharing. I am looking right now to see if you can simply drop tracks and keep them private.