Communication and Vital Sign Tracking

Hello Everybody!

Please let me introduce myself: My name is Christian and I am currently working on a research based on communication and sensor based activity data.

Because I am not too familiar with all the diferent devices and apps out there, I decided to post a request to the community.

What I need is a device/app that is able to track communication data (length, distance, voice level, people taking part in the conversation etc.) and at the same time plots heart rate and other vital signs.

Is there an all-in-one solution for this complex issue?
I am also very interested in getting to know any other person interested in those kinds of data to share experience!

Greetings Christian.

Hi Christian, I do not think there is any standard solution to this question, and some of the data you want, such as distance, are not accessible even from the standard consumer-accessible phone data. Of course if both parties are sharing their geolocation data, this could be plotted - but even assuming these are smart phone calls, there would still need to be a common platform for permissioning. It is interesting to think about this, but I suspect you will have to construct this system for yourself, using some ready made and some custom made parts.