Data Visualizations

Aloha QS’ers! New to the forum and I’ve been self-tracking for 9 months.

I’m looking for an inexpensive data visualization tool as a way to take Fitbit or Jawbone data and turn it into an ascetically pleasing visual such as charts, wheels, or custom graphs.

Caveat: I am a lost puppy when it comes to excel.

The goal is to easily educate a client on their health behavior and clearly see pattern recognitions.

Does anyone know of such a service?

Have you heard of Tableau ( I saw a demo of it the other day and have been meaning to play around with it. Seemed pretty easy and flexible.

Tableau is a great tool for building visualizations, but has a steeper learning curve than Excel, and doesn’t help you retrieve data from your client’s Fitbit or Jawbone accounts. But if your clients are serious Quantified Selfers, you’ll have to brush up on your data skills; other useful tools are R and of course Zenobase.

If all you need is a simple dashboard that your clients can use to share their data with you, Tictrac or enquos are good options.

Thx guys I just signed up for Enquos today will let you know. :wink: