Detailed self-description (personal knowledge tree)

Hi! If someone remembers Google Wave or knows about Rizzoma? There you can create knowledge trees. Such services are usually used in the brain-storm process, but I tried this for a self-description.

It seems quite convenient as I can add tons of personal information into a single page. Here it is: Denis Shirshov

Maybe some of you have similar self-descriptions? Would be interesting to know.

Hi you may want to look at what Emily Porter is doing to visually analyze health data.

Have you built multidimensional visualizations? I could see a color code approach to blood test results (blue low, green nominal, and red high), but I may also want to look for trends like am I getting healthier or is there a correlation between what I am eating and how my system is responding.

From the longevity standpoint I think this data will help to optimize our current health system, but not lead to radical life extension. It may prevent premature failures.