Digital health & Self-experimentation Workshop @CHI2017 Denver

Hi everyone,

we are organizing a Digital Health & Self-experimentation workshop at the CHI conference on 6th May 2017 in Denver ( If you’re into self-quantification, health self-experimentation, citizen science for healthcare, health data politics or future of clinical trials, please send us a short description of your project/idea till 1st March and come join us!

There will be authors of different backgrounds in both academia and industry, including health informatics, translational medicine, nutrition studies, UX design, or philosophy and open data, and we hope to facilitate a rich and diverse discussion.

All details here:

If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up at



Hi Marketa - I wish I could be at this workshop. I’ve emailed you about possibly sharing the results of this workshop on the Quantified Self blog after it occurs.

Hi Gary, thanks for getting back - sure with the blog! it would actually be great to also craft some special issue with the workshop participants for the N-of-1 journal - it seems like the best place for that - will get back to the email!