Dreem 2 device repair

Good day,
I have a Dreem 2 headband that has recently not been charging. I have contacted company, but it is out of warranty and they no longer sell to retail.
Has anyone had a similar issue with their Dreem 2 and found a fix? I am thinking of opening it up and checking through the connections but was hoping that someone has already found a solution.
Many thanks

I had a charging issue once, and got this response from support:

Your headband is functional, however, having been stored for quite a long time, it has led to a completely unloaded battery.
In this condition, the charging dock supplied with your headband does not allow you to turn the headband on as the electrical tension won’t be sufficient.

They sent me a power brick that connects to the existing charger.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond Franco.
Was there a specific light indicator when your headband had a charging issue?
Currently my headband has white indicator with occasional blue flashing. This sequence doesn’t appear in any of the manuals that I have tried to read. I also use the USB port to charge as I don’t have a charging dock.

Thank you

@franco Can you show us how the brick connects to the dock?

My dock takes in mini USB, so I’m wondering how using the power brick would work.

Whoops missed this, my issue was that it was not charging at all after being placed in the dock. No light would turn on. It was caused by complete battery depletion, which required a higher voltage charger.

The power brick connected to a USB-A female port, which allowed me to connect my dock to it.

@franco Are you willing to sell the brick? I’m in the Bronx.

I’m having the same issue as you (Dreem 2 headband no longer charging when placed in dock). I’m trying to locate the same power brick that Dreem support sent you so that I can simply purchase one myself, but I don’t seem to be able to the model that you are describing.

If I search for the model device in your picture (PHIHONG PSC15R-060) then all I can find is the following powerbrick which does not allow for a USB-A port to be connected: PSC15R-060-R - Phihong

The only model from their site that seems to have a USB-A output is the following: PSAI05R-050QL6-R - Phihong
…but that model doesn’t have the same Output Power, Output Voltage, and Output Current as the brick shown in your picture.

I’ll have to keep looking around I guess until I can find a brick with those specifications that has a USB-A, unless anyone else has been able to find it for sale of course.

@franco Just to confirm, the top of the power brick in your picture is just a female USB-A port?

@Vasco, @franco I just remembered that I have the following AC cord in my possession for cases just like this one haha: Amazon.com: SoulBay 12W Universal AC Adapter Reversible Polarity Multi Voltage DC Power Supply, with 9pcs Adaptor Tips, Compatible with 3V to 12V Household Electronics, 1.2Amp Output : Electronics

Using the USB-A female connector of the above AC adapter, I switched it to 6V, then plugged the Dreem 2’s USB-A to Micro USB cable into the adapter and plugged that into my dock and PRESTO! The headband is now charging again once placed into the dock. Hopefully this will help out anyone with the same issue in the present or future.

Hey guys…

I have had an issue with my Dreem 2 headband. The back headband has started to separate from the electrode readers. I have tried to contact Dreem support but not been able to get any sort of response at all. The main unit of the headband is still working perfectly so I feel it can be fixed. Would anyone be able to provide me with an email address for support? I have been filling in the online form on the Dreem website but clearly not working… would be super appreciated.

Kind Regards

Unfortunately I’ve had the same experience with Dreem. Tried reaching their support in every way imaginable about my broken Dreem 2 headband with absolutely no response. I’m guessing they either no longer support their consumer segment or they’re operationally defunct.