Dreem 2 device repair

Good day,
I have a Dreem 2 headband that has recently not been charging. I have contacted company, but it is out of warranty and they no longer sell to retail.
Has anyone had a similar issue with their Dreem 2 and found a fix? I am thinking of opening it up and checking through the connections but was hoping that someone has already found a solution.
Many thanks

I had a charging issue once, and got this response from support:

Your headband is functional, however, having been stored for quite a long time, it has led to a completely unloaded battery.
In this condition, the charging dock supplied with your headband does not allow you to turn the headband on as the electrical tension won’t be sufficient.

They sent me a power brick that connects to the existing charger.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond Franco.
Was there a specific light indicator when your headband had a charging issue?
Currently my headband has white indicator with occasional blue flashing. This sequence doesn’t appear in any of the manuals that I have tried to read. I also use the USB port to charge as I don’t have a charging dock.

Thank you