Embrace - A gorgeous watch designed to save lives

Dear QS Friends,
there’s only a few days left for our crowdfunding campaign for Embrace(http://igg.me/at/embrace/).
As some of you know, there’s a special opportunity dedicated to you, a Quantified Self package, with a pair of Embrace watches and API exclusive early access. If you’re interested in knowing more about your autonomic arousal and how it affects your day. You might also like the Buy 1 Give 1 perk, where 1 Embrace watch is donated to a child in need that suffers from Epilepsy.

We hope you like this special offer, there’s time till next Wed. Please help us spread the news!

Hi Matteo,
Could you let us know when backers will have access to the Embrace early access API please? I need this to save my life. My body stops producing heat and I go into Stage 4 hypothermia, shock and have nearly died 3 times. I never realise I am cold - my brain gets mixed up, I think I am hot in fact. With the early access API I bought, I can make an app to save my life.

Really looking forward to hearing from you,

(I’ve messaged the original poster for more details.)

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