Emotion Sense Android Mood/Sensor App

Hi all,

I spoke about the Android Emotion Sense app at the London QS Show & Tell last night, and would like to share it with all.

It is available for free here, and we are looking for people to try it out! http://emotionsense.org/

The app is part of a research project that aims to understand how our mood relates to the sensor data that smartphones can collect about us, and therefore merges experience sampling with sensor data collection. The sensors that the app currently samples from include the accelerometer, location, microphone (audio levels only; no sound recordings are stored), call/texting patterns (anonymised/no SMS content stored), and screen on/off events. The app asks you about your mood using an affect grid (where left to right is negative to positive, down to up is low arousal/high arousal) and by asking you to rate dynamically selected adjectives (e.g., “how calm do you feel?”). Finally, the app is structured as a journey where you unlock a new sensor’s feedback each week: unlocking entails completing a life satisfaction survey.

I’d welcome any thoughts, experiences, or suggestions. Since the app’s feedback is currently somewhat limited, if you use the app and then get in touch with me via e-mail I will share all your raw data with you.



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Great talk last night & the app looks interesting. If I was an Android user I would have definitely given it a go. Will there be an iOS version eventually?

Thanks Ramy! We are looking into building an iPhone version, but the current way that iOS works (as far as I have understood) does not allow the kind of background sensor data collection that we can do on Android…