Export Moves data to Day One

I don’t think this has been posted before.

This little Ruby tool called elizabeth is able to export your movement/location data from Moves for iOS and Android to Day One. I’ve been using this a couple of months ago and stopped because Moves has drained the battery like crazy.

If battery use is your main concern, have a look at Saga.

Thanks, Saga isn’t available in Europe yet but they’re already working on a wider release.

Are there detailed instructions anywhere on how to do this for a novice? I have been trying for weeks and still don’t know how to get it to work… many thanks in advance.

I hope this helps, otherwise I’m sorry.

Did you install node.js? http://howtonode.org/how-to-install-nodejs
Download elizabeth.zip https://github.com/pwaldhauer/elizabeth/archive/master.zip
Unzip (unzipping to user folder might help)
Install with sudo npm install -g elizabeth
Configure with ellie init
Export with ellie export

When I started I always had the problem where the Terminal couldn’t find the file:
Instead of typing “ellie” or “elizabeth” you can also drag the ellie.js or elizabeth.js file from your folder into Terminal and type “init” or “export” behind it.