Feedback on an app I am developing

I am working with a team on an app that would track your mood throughout the day via the lock screen on your smart phone. What it would do initially is you choose your mood via an icon that you swipe to unlock your phone just as you would normally at that time the app will keep track of that over time and graph them so you could see your mood over time and how that effects your life, enabling you to see patterns and be proactive in counteracting them. So tell me what you think, is this something that is appealing and you would use? Thanks in advance.


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A neat approach to improve engagement with the app, if a little forced. Most people I know are pretty conscious about having PINs, pattern recognition, and now fingerprints to unlock their devices. Does your app integrate with these existing security measures?

Will it really work? How effective is this? Have you taken any help from a certain mobile app development company or you’re creating it all by yourself?
If you want, I can suggest you one!!
I’ll be more than happy to help. :slight_smile: