Five years of weight tracking

In June I charted my last five years of weight tracking:

I have been tracking my weight since the summer of 2008. First manually and later using the Withings scale. The R code to generate the chart can found at my blog.

Interesting! I’m curious if the correlation between your weight and fat % has changed over time or seasonally?

I’ve been recording my body weight for just a year now, but noticed that this correlation appears to be strong in summer) but weak in winter). I have this suspicion that I’m measuring dehydration, not fat :slight_smile:

this is nicely done.
Its also interesting to see, that you gained more weight after stopping cycling then you had before. Did you change diet and habits? Did you continue to eat as much as you did during cycling period?

That would be interesting to know.


I wish I had this rich of a data set! I’m curious how you all do retrospective weight tracking if you haven’t kept a log like Tafkas (sorry don’t know your full name)? Do you have a rough sense for the weight and can ascribe it to a given month? It seems like whenever I take my weight it is through a mental note.

Qualitatively I’ve been using my own facial image as a way of determining relative BMI / body fat percentage. While imperfect, there has been some published research showing that this link is possible (face image to BMI) through machine vision and careful training of ML models.

I gave a presentation on the topic at the last New York Quantified Self show & tell, happy to share if anyone is interested, happy to share early prototypes and the deck (video should be up in the next month or so). Starting to develop this into a more complete product, more information here -

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I’ve been tracking weight here and there since 2000, usually during times when I’ve been aiming to lose weight, but I have some weight measurements from medical records too. I’ve found it helpful to attach pictures to the graph, though I haven’t done any analysis of them directly. My goal was weight loss post-pregnancy (2011) and long-term maintenance. It’s been 2 1/2 years for me of maintaining largely within a 5 lb range, and the most important part for me has been to measure weight consistently, and look for food logging patterns (calories, food choices) that work for me to maintain my weight in my preferred range. Because of the food and water fluctuations that others have mentioned, it’s important to measure at the same time of day and be aware of things like salty and carb rich meals the day before, as those can greatly impact water levels and therefore weight fluctuations. Day to day fluctuations aren’t so important, it’s the long term trends that matter. I can’t get the picture to upload here for some reason, but there is a copy on this blog.

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Shannon, thanks for sharing, that is quite a large data set of weight tracking, congrats on the persevering that long! I’m curious how much impact did pictures have on your motivation to maintain / lose weight, from a retrospective standpoint looking back at your ups and downs over the long term?

Actually, pictures were one of my main motivators for “seeing” (when I was ready to see) the work that needed to be done. I did a lot of hiding from the camera and hating pictures when I wasn’t ready for whatever reason to address losing weight. Digging up pictures of when I was in a good shape and putting them on my mirror was actually a helpful motivator when I started out on my weight loss journey (again) in 2009. I was determined to lose the weight before having kid #2 so I could have as healthy a pregnancy as possible and I ended up losing 45 lbs pre-pregnancy. I lost the baby weight within 6 months and have maintained largely within a 5 lb range since early 2012. I still depend on pictures and the mirror to help me see that I remain on track and also daily weighing with a Withings wireless scale. Maintenance is a sine wave of smaller ups and downs, it’s not a point, because of the daily fluctuations due to water weight from carbs and salt variation, workouts, more or less food volume, etc.

dieting is so tough for me as i am not so much patient and food lover !! It is very interesting that you guys are so active with your diet plans.

Well , I just stumbled upon your post and here is my progress for 5 months…It is slow but it is steady :slight_smile:

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At this rate, you’ll be spending your entire day at the gym by 2020 :slight_smile:

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You really have a great progress as compared to others. I am so inspired with it.