Fun gamified improvement apps?

I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any other fun tools like ActiveQuest it’s not finished yet, but I liked what I saw in their PDF character sheet. The idea of setting up quests/challenges/missions (goals), building up your character stats and skills, sounds much more fun that sitting on a couch.

The ultimate tool for me would be like a real life sandbox game like the Sims mixed with GTA ;p, one that could aggregate data from devices like Fitbit, have a character sheet, have a rewards/achievement system,and it would definitely have to allow some flexibility for personalization too. Experience points could possibly be earned by how long you’ve maintained a habit, achieved a goal etc… and can be accessed/played offline and synced whenever you get back online.

After a short time searching around, I’ve found a handful of apps.

Motivation RPG
Chore Wars


Found another one: Health Month and a blog on the subject of gamification: The Gamification Blog but, it doesn’t mention any of these.

Hey, Kris. We’re not exactly gamification in the strictest sense of the term, but we are in that wheelhouse. So I wanted to recommend our real life achievement site, Do It! Prove It!. It’s a great place to track and share your accomplishments. Hope you’ll give us a shot. I’d love to hear what you think.

LifeHacker did a pretty thorough write-up on this topic that I like and thought I’d share: Productive Gamification.

How about Habitica? It doesn’t aggregate data unfortunately, but many other apps plug into that to mark down certain habits as “done”.