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Hi Folks,

tracking your personal data and in particular health data through an App on your mobile device or via an webpage is a common procedure and there are plenty of Apps out there. They track and store the parameter and always show you the progress over time. No big deal.
But I am looking for a service that gives me feedback about my parameter compared to other user using this app/platform.
Let me give you an example. I am a male with a weight of 84kg at a hight of 1,82m. Feedback from the device: “your weight is 23% higher than the average male”. If I enter more information, lets say my location, than I get additionally information back: “your weight is 29% higher than the average male in your city”.

Is there any service out there with such a feedback?

The even more advanced information would be if the service gives my a prediction. Using the example from above: “if you keep being 23% over the average weight, your likelihood of becoming high blood pressure is 34%.”

Thanks for your answers.

Cheers from Germany


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You’d need more data (and a better understanding of the human body and its interaction with the environment) than anyone currently has to do such predictions.

There are statistics that are useful for population health management, but are of limited use to an individual. Let’s say people whose weight is in the 80th percentile have a 3% increased risk of high blood pressure. You’d probably not consider this to be significant (even if this wasn’t a number I just made up :-). Also, such statistics usually doesn’t factor in all the individual risk factors (body fat vs muscle, family history etc).

It is true that you need more data. But is it also true that no one has this data already?

Again I agree. But lets assume you will be asked to enter all this individual risk factors and having the above mentioned data already than it will be more accurate.

Interesting topic. I would argue for many consumer facing health apps the advanced info is not required, even if it was achievable.

If there is a moderate sample size such an app could offer a nice gamification element - i.e I want to be in the 20th percentile for weight in my age group (although this could trigger a dangerous race to the bottom).

Just thinking in type. I know this doesn’t answer you question! I’m guessing there must be something like the above on the market? Anyone?