Goolge Glass

I know it’s not available to the public yet,
But has anyone considered using the up coming Google Glass as a tool to gather data for a QS purpose?

I’ve seen some posts about analyze the spectrum of light one is exposed too,
And another post asking about a camera that could be used to make a time lapse of one’s day.
This seems like the perfect tool for both applications.

Has anyone else considered this tool for other future QS projects?

I’ve thought hard about it and been stymied by Googe’s marketing approach, which requires you to publicly declare how enthusiastic you are. Combined with the focus on ubiquitous life logging in the campaign (recording everything with the camera), this demand for public expression of commitment before applying for permission to pay for experimentation with them has kept me away. I’m very curious though. I tried to take advantage of some Google connections to get a pair to quietly use, but, unsurprisingly, that did not work.

Google Glass doesn’t look all that useful for collecting data passively, at least with the current API.

A more obvious use for Google Glass is showing notifications (via a server) like “you’ve reached your daily goal of 10,000 steps”.