Gratitude Journey - Gratitude journal app

Hey folks, I just stumbled upon ( this forum and let me just say that I’m ecstatic to have found it. I’ve been a serial tracker ever since I read Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week. I find tracking and progress charting to be a key factor in improving performance in my life. I’m glad I found a home to share ideas with others on tracking.

Lately I’ve been spiritually focused and have been, without better words, keeping track of how good of a person I’ve been being. I recently downloaded Gratitude Journey from the apple app store. Its basically a gratitude journal where you jot down the things in your life that you’re grateful for. Overtime, you notice that you’re more grateful for nearly everything in your life and more happy as well. I’ve kept a gratitude journal for years, but then pen and paper method wasn’t mobile enough for me.

I downloaded Gratitude Journey and was happy with the product. The ability to save images was a huge plus for me. The app has a nice feature that sends you random entries that you’ve made before. Always brightens up my day. What its missing is the social media aspect. I’d like to be able to post my entries on Facebook. Apparently the dev said this is something they’re working on.

Overall, I dig it a lot. Especially for a buck.

You can find it here:

The developer’s website is here, with info on the app:

Hi Matt,

I use an online tool at I’m not sure how you would sync it up with your phone app - but it might be worth a look.

Hi Sheri,

Cool tip. I’ll try that one out too. Thanks for the info.

Hi Matt and welcome to the QS Forum.

Have you presented you tracking project at a QS Meetup? I bet a lot of people would be interested in how you’ve been tracking and what you’ve found. If you ever write up your process be sure to let us know. Maybe we can feature it on the main QS website.