Has anyone made their own FIRE calculator that includes tax, variable income and different life scenarios?

I’m considering making a financial planner for myself where I can see how long time it will take me have invested for example $1.000.000 depending on these factors:

  • How much I spend (will I have kids? How many? where will I live?)
  • Which jobs do I have? What if I take 5 gap years? What if I later get a FAANG job?
  • How much tax do I pay? What if I move to a country with less tax?
  • How big of a return do I estimate for my investments?

Has anyone made a calculator that is VERY customizable like this?
I’m considering making it in Jupyter Notebook or something similar. I made it previously in Excel, but I just get lost in all of the formulas, because of the bad variable names…

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There was an attempt to make a life calculator or balance of life.
The program turned out as a training for beginners.
The task is difficult.
Too many variables and high instability, a lot of unforeseen risks (illness, epidemics, war, changes in legislation, …).
The trend of behavior for several years can be determined.

You can read more here
General monitoring and analysis of life behavior. Ethogram

Thanks for the information about the existence of Jupyter Notebook!