HealthPixel: a free health tracking app for iOS/Android

Hi all, I made an iOS/Android app called HealthPixel:

I have long wished for super-accurate personal health data: knowing down to the minute what I ate or did, and how I felt at any point throughout the day. It seemed like it would take a ton of effort to record all that data on a daily basis. But after doing some prototyping and sketching, I realized it’s actually quite possible to make an app that records all this stuff easily.

The granularity and precision of the data recorded by HealthPixel opens up all kinds of cool possibilities for finding patterns in your health. There are a number of built-in visualizations and analyses, and I’m planning on adding much more. It also has a REST API that allows integration with devices like Flic and AWS IoT Buttons.

If you are curious about how HealthPixel could help you understand some specific aspect of your health, or what advantages it might have over other health tracking systems, feel free to ask!

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This looks really useful. Attends to some of the issues that get in the way of using other trackers for extended periods of time. Looking forward to experimenting with this one!

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Hi @JSLR, thanks for the comment and sorry for my late reply! Did you get a chance to try it out? Any feedback for me?