HeartMath's Inner Balance 30 pin sensor is 60% off this week

HeartMath’s Inner Balance 30 pin sensor is 60% off this week. $39.60 http://store.heartmath.com/item/6400/inner-balance

I’m a bit skeptic of HeathMath. Their About page is like,

We suggest that by creating an alignment and connection between our mind and heart, and with each other’s hearts, we awaken the higher mental, emotional and spiritual capacities that are dormant within us.


The JREF has a pretty skeptical article on the emWave.

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I used to think the heart was just a pump until I read about Heart Rate Variability and then demonstrated coherence on myself using timed breathing and my HRM chest strap. It was cool seeing my HRV plot become sinusoidal. When I read further I came across descriptions of “…that HRV its a mirror of the control actions exerted by the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) in the Sinoatrial (SA) node. Since the SA node is responsible for setting the heartbeat, the two branches comprising the ANS, sympathetic and parasympathetic, have a special role in controlling such variability.” There are also descriptions of the heart having neurons that form part of it’s control system. So far so good.
I purchased an ear lobe sensor from Heartmath along with the iOS app. It used an optical system to measure my heart beats. I found the system very sensitive to movement artifacts, and wondered if the “score” was more a lack of movement than improved heart rate variability or mind body connection.
As to the connection between people’s hearts, I wonder if it is more a tendency to mirror the actions of the people we are around (especially if we like them) and that would result in coherent breathing and subsequently HRV coherence between people.
I am still on the fence about using HRV to measure training status. Again this is due to all the other factors that can influence the result.