Hello (Introducing myself)

Hello QS,

I’ve long been interested in QS. Been to two QS conferences. Presented a “Personalized Speech Analytics” at both. Gave a talk on analyzing my computer behavior by a years long unix history log.

I have professional experience in ontology, natural language processing, machine learning, virtual reality, clinical speech analytics, psychology and neuropsychology.




Given your background, I’m curious what your opinion is on using speech to detect mood (or stress)? Are there any existing apps that do a good job?

Sorry do not know of any apps. My senseis that mood detection via speech signal is somewhat if a researchy topic. There are measures such as f0 that correlate eg w stress level. How good is this correlation? I would have to dig through the voluminous literature.

Does anyone know of an app that gives stats like f0 for speech?

Welcome Bill! Do you have video or slides from your talk? I’m intrigued…

Incidentally, I just came across a startup with a QS product that does some kind speech analysis:


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Hey Eric, Interesting find here. I have been looking for a solution for personal speech analytics for some time now. Do you have any other active leads?

Also, I cannot seem to find any “product credibility” or info on the founders of logmyvibe.com. Would you have any ideas on this? Thanks.

Don’t have any active leads on speech analysis. The emphasis of logmyvibe.com appears to be more of art than data. More serious approaches (e.g. detecting depression) use speech analysis only as one of many variables.

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Thanks Eric for the prompt response. Best.

Alex from Dublin QS recently did an analysis on a speech he gave using IBM Watson. He’s blogged on it here:

There might be something you could use with the same tools he’s using.

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