Hello, qs is just beginning, full of ideas

recently, like millions of me, i needed to loose weight and try to feel better. This time, i used technology to help me out, so i built my personal health ecosystem:

calorie/nutrient intake measurement:
-myfitnesspal. i like the scanner, easy to keepon using it with every meal, eat, drink
-waterlogged, to update water intakes
-coffee up, to keep track of caffeine

calorie burning measurement:

24/7 activity and heartrate with garmin vivosmart hr
running and cycling activity track- garmin fr620

weight and glucose:
ihealth and igluco

so all these apps update the central data hub which is apple healthkit.

now the real fun begins, use the data vault for more analytics. so far i found the best app:
this app analyzes all data and send me twice a day tips (like my average sleep is below 8 hrs, or i made more than avg steps while the day before i had more
protein then usual) it seems to read other data as well like state of mood and if you visit restaurants, but i could not get that to work yet.

my point is this, qs developers should not bother about devices (including the motion sensors on the phone) but instead tap into existing (personal) data
stores. then with intelligent algorithms generate the qs state.

besides applekit, think of:
-visits of special locations (foursquare)
-state of mood (moodpanda)
-local weather (can affect mood)
-air quality in your area (apps exist)
-amount of unread emails/tweets/fb posts (stress)
-travel time

well the list can be endless…

if someone knows a similar or better app then addapp, pls let me know. thx.

If you want emails with (more or less) personalized “insights”, check out these services:

Some of these services try to integrate a few data sources that go beyond the usual health/fitness data, but if you want more, you still need to DIY.

thank you!, will check them