Hello everyone

About me:

  • I went to a Qs meeting a year ago.
  • I am interested in molecular biology.
  • I recently I made an account in here to allign me and some friends with qs comunnity.

Current concern

The goal is to measure temperature (and maybe other tings like humidity) of some skin areas. Monitoring should be done constantly (like over a three month time), and provide realtime feedback, to which I could get alerted if temperatures exceed a certain value.

The sensors shoulb be far away from the feedback device. (like a bluetooth thing)

How would i go about it? a fitbit seems too limited in areas of use, and not ā€œmedical gradeā€ enough. and its directly wireless next to its sensor.
I plan to buy some form of combined thermometer and humidity sensor possible wired to something minijackā€¦

Have a look at TempTraq (still pending FDA approval).

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I am unsure about wireless things :frowning:
As such I am trying to not have my phone on me and not be in radiated areas. Balanced with life of course:)

I am afraid I did not make myself clear: when I wrote "the sensors should be far away from feedback device"I meant feedback SENDING device. I worry about radiation for a reason. Even if the device got approved I would rarely want to use it bc of the bluetooth affecting the brain.
I was thinking of something like a chord running down my body and to my shoe.

But thank you for the suggestion Iā€™tll go in my notebook.

The device uses Bluetooth LE, which transmits at much low power than a cell phone, or even Wi-Fi, if that makes you feel any betterā€¦

Hello everyone, I have just signed up.