How can I Track time 24hours. Best available tools? Please advice

So it has been a while that I have been wasting a lot of time and have got no way to track it, it seems like life is just passing by and achieved nothing.

I’m looking for a tool which can extract data from my google calendar where I plan my whole week in advance. At the same time, I’m looking for a tool where I track every 30 min of activity I’m doing in 24-hour duration and latter on weekly basis compare both what was planned and what has been done in report form in Graphs.

I find real-time tracking to be an issue as its continuous distraction to record time I’m looking for some tool which can continually record my activity my computer/phone/calls/location and post it on Google calendar day timeline just to remind the activity I was doing the certain time of day. So latter I can categorize the activities. I found timelyapp have this kind of memory feature but with their recent update, there is no way to add a task directly to there timeline which makes the app completely useless.

Wondering if you guy know any other tool or easy ways to track time?

Hi TJ, I’ve successfully been able to track what I do 24x7 for multiple months at a time but not by using a Calendar. I’m guessing that the four days of silence to your question is probably a good indicator that there isn’t a silver bullet solution to accurate and easy time tracking via a calendar.

In my case, I chose to build my own solution. It’s free for anyone to use. Here’s a real-life snapshot of 2 weeks of my life from earlier this year:

and here’s a real-life visualization of how my time allotments vary over three months:

Both charts get created automatically in “real time” as I log Events. Lots of times I end up “back-filling” events but a lot of the data is entered as soon as an activity is complete, either via the website ( on desktop or phone or via Google Home or Google Assistant Voice Logging.

If those images are too small to see the details, you can see larger versions and other examples on the website.

It’d be interesting to use a calendar app to PLAN what you think your day/week will look like and then use to track what you actually do. Then you can compare. I don’t have that functionality built in eventloggers but it’s easy to export all your events, including start and end timestamps from the website.

I hope this helps to at least give you some options. I know it’s not exactly what you asked for.

Just thinking off the the top of my head… it’s possible to enter future Events in, so you could populate your “planned” day the evening before and then manually compare/edit the Events that really happened but there’s no comparison engine built.

Hope this helps,

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I just had a few minutes to look at Event Logger, I thought it was very interesting. I have a curiosity about how I spend my time, and have kept a written journal for many years, but my entries have many large gaps, when for various reasons I stop making entries. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

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