How to start?

I’m curious in getting the overview and control of my health. If I want to start easy…which are the most relevant selftests/measures to start with? And with what frequency?
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You’re probably already tracking some things that almost everyone does, e.g. weight?

Do you have specific problems or goals you are working on?

Hi! Thanks for your respons! I have no specific goals except to stay healthy in general and keep an eye of my condition in an easy way… I an not tracking specific measures for the moment but got interested when I ended up at this homepage when I was searching for tips of good test and tracking tools. I recently tried a quick test for blood count when the only result was “you’re fine” or “”go to doctor” and I got a bit annoyed… I rather would like a figure and what it means and what I can do to adjust it my self… as I am new in this field I am not sure which are the best test to take and to start with e.g. blood count, glucose etc… what is your recommendation? :sunny:

Depending on where you live, you can have all kinds of blood tests done (InsideTracker, WellnessFX), or you can have a look at your genetics (23andMe) or your microbiome (uBiome). The odds of finding anything important are low, but the process can be interesting, plus this can give you some “baseline” data to compare against in the future…

Other things you can track without too much effort are body weight, steps, and sleep. This data can be interesting to compare over time, as your life and your habits change.

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I am tracking my Step for a Wellness Program for work which I have been tracking now for a Year. I am wondering how I can remove the data that has been saved so I will have a clean start for a new year. I have saved all my health data in a csv file on my icloud drive. So is there a way to remove this data from the health or QS and start new? I hope this helps…