How to suggest a tool?


How can I suggest a tool?

I would like to suggest a new tool it’s more a platform and tracker for this overview list here

I was not able to find any way to suggest.

I will try directly with this post.
The QUENTIQ health platform and the QUENTIQ Tracker app (this is not available yet in France but in the rest of the world and fot iPhone, Android and BB) are both missing on the QS-tool list. I myself work for this swiss start-up and we are working on much more than “only” fitness" tracking so I think it would be very interesting to learn what the QS community thinks about

Also we work with a central score which is called the “QUENTIQ health score” and this is a an indicator of your current health status. 0 - 1000 my own is getting close to 700 and I have no idea how far the scale I will be able to get it :wink:

The QUENTIQ platform is technology neutral and supports third party devices such as Withings, Wahoo, Polar and others.

I recently tried to submit a new tool as well, and I did receive a reply. The Quantified Self Guide is no longer being maintained, but you are encouraged to use these forums to promote new self-tracking tools.

Jamie Kite, Founder of, a new Fertility Awareness App

Hi Jamie, Thank you for the reply. Well then I will try the forum as suggested. :wink:
Cheers Yago