How to track your location using your iPhone and LocationSwap

Here are the slides from my my announcement at the Bay Area QS Show and Tell #19, wherein I explain how to use my iPhone app, LocationSwap, as a free and straightforward way to get your location history data for use in your own experiments.




Thanks for posting Robin. I’m going to take a look at the app and see if I can run it in conjunction with other times stamped data gathering apps. I think location is still an untapped marker for behavior triggers and modifiers.

Did you get a chance to look into Mobile Logger?

I had a look. It seems to collect a nice wide set of parameters, but it’s not practical to run it continuously.

From the mobile logger site: “Note: This is a battery-intensive application. A 30 minute ride may use 10-15% of the battery (on a 3GS device).”

My ability to use these things is very dependent on them being low overhead - if they interfere with my routine they must provide a big payoff!