I’d like to publish a paper on my “life management” system

Hi all. Some of you may know me but most won’t. I’m the creator of a comprehensive “life automation” system called Liam. It’s been presented at a few conferences and QS meetings – or at least parts of it. It includes life logging (7109 days as of today), home automation, task management and a host of other things all integrated together.

Well, I decided to finally write it all down and have created a monograph that clocks in at 30 pages. The question for this forum is, any recommendations where I might publish this or make it available to an interested audience? I’d like to get it into the world!

Thanks for any ideas!



Hi @ejain. It’s not obvious from that website if they have a topic around QS or similar. Any suggestions?


The arXiv has some Quantified Self papers under “Human-Computer Interaction”. OSF Preprints is another option.

@ejain, Thanks.

Hey @Tahl, would you mind sending me your paper? Would love the chance to read it!

Oh, I completely forgot I did this post.

Any Bay Area people, there will be a lifelogging workshop as part of LTA2017 as part of the ACM Multi-media Conference 10/23 - 10/27 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. I will be presenting Liam there. The abstract is attached. ACM - LIAM talk abstract.pdf (945.7 KB).

So, @ejain, at least it’ll be published in the ACM proceedings.

@schochlp, send me your email address.

Any news on this LIAM? I am a Life Logger but most logging is done manually on Google Sheets and takes me a LOT of time - I am interested in aspects that would automate some tasks

Liam is very much an active project. What would you like to know? What are you looking to do?

Would love to read this! growwithlogan@gmail.com