I’m working on a self-tracking mobile app, and I have a question for the community

I’m working on self-tracking app for iOS (as a hobby) and got stuck with a question that you all may be able to answer. The app allow you to track anything you want — mood, sleep, stress, hunger, steps, etc — and I don’t have a good name for these “measurable bits”. I’m calling them Attributes for lack of better name. Any ideas?

Sorry if I used the wrong sub forum.

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There was such an app for Android called EvenTrend. It allowed tracking arbitrary variables.


It’s been pulled from the Play Store but you can find APKs around and install one for inspiration.

Thanks @Dan_Dascalescu.

I have a very specific vision for my application — not looking for inspiration regard what to build, but I’m still unsure about how to call what the user will be tracking.

When they add “sleep” to the app, what they are tracking? Is that a new “attribute”, “parameter”?

Other examples: stress, mood, hunger, productivity rating…

It’s not a “goal”, or a “trait”. Someone recommended “personal virtue” but I think it’s still wrong.

Variables. By “inspiration” I meant the terminology and design choices of competing apps. Why not learn from them and differentiate?

Absolutely! I agree about learning being of major importance :slight_smile:

Sorry if I sounded rude. Really passionate about this project.

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Cool! Here’s my brainstorm of ideas: Variables, attributes, domains, dimensions, measures, aspects, layers, fields, facets, characteristics, factors, slices.

I think I like domains, variables, or aspects the best.

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Thanks Kelly. I think domains, variables and aspects are great options. Still liking variables a lot.

Quantifiables? :slight_smile:

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