I wrote a blog post about using ConnectorDB.io to start tracking myself

Hey all,

I’m relatively new to all this, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on the software I’ve started using to track my life - connectordb.io.

I’m not a developer on the project (although if I get around to learning a new programming language I might start contributing!)

Anyway, my thoughts are at https://hackerdads.wordpress.com/2017/02/22/finding-out-more-about-me-for-free/ and I’d love to hear your thoughts/comments/questions.



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Very cool, Matt. I’m hoping to see more of a movement towards people asserting ownership and control of their data.

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I’ve also written a small plugin for py3status that shows the number of steps I’ve taken so far for that day on the taskbar of my linux desktop:

The code is available here and should work on any Linux desktop/laptop running the i3wm desktop manager.


Thanks for sharing your experience! Good reading.